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The Smart Meter Shield™ is a radiation reducer. It is a custom designed and patent pending protection system that re-directs radiation emitted by the smart meter away from your home. It uses SmartShield Technology to effectively mitigate radiation being emitted from the smart meter. The Smart Meter Shield™ covers the smart meter with three different shielding components made of aluminum, and an aluminum composite: The Directional Unit, Focuser Unit, and Grounding Plane.

The Directional Unit is made of an aluminum composite that provides 2Shield protection. It is manufactured from a material that is comprised of  two seperated layers of aluminum providing extra protection from the emitted radiation. It is a four sided box-like cover that absorbs and re-directs radiation towards the open side, and the Grounding Plane. This unit is grounded, which aids in the reduction of radiation by sending the RF radiation into the ground instead of your home.

The Focuser Unit is engineer designed and focuses the radiation emitted omni-directionally, from the smart meter, forward and backwards toward the Grounding Plane and the Directional Unit.

The Grounding Plane provides 2Shield protection. This unit is installed directly over the area behind the smart meter. It has a grounding wire to direct the radiation into the ground.

How the Smart Meter Shield™ Works:

Important Note on Meter Size:

Before placing an order to purchase the Smart Meter Shield™, Measure the CIRCUMFERENCE and DIAMETER of the Smart Meter on your home. The size that is available fits a smart meter with a circumference of 19 inches and a diameter of 5.6 inches. Follow this measurement guide for the most accurate measuring.

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